Holochain at ETHDenver

Holochain is a fully distributed application framework designed for secure, auditable off-chain data — extending the capacity of EVMs to solve your Web3 problems.

Verifiable Data

Our demonstration shows how you can layer data sources, building up context for distributed verification of events that occur in the real world. Here we use meters and photos to monitor the production of energy, binding the data to digital IDs and smart contract transactions via a Holochain app.

Real World Assets

The case study at scale is of renewable energy certificates (RECs), scaled from wind and solar to the human level. Leveraging DeFi alongside renewable energy DePIN to create markets that both allow for fungible exchange and which verifiably track the real world use of energy and carbon resources.

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Fullstack DeFi

When we interact with smart contracts, we usually do so through a website. This is a point of centralization that introduces several risks, from phishing to DNS hacks. The solution? Truly distributed applications, running on your device, interacting as a network of peers. This is what Holochain provides to DeFi, the opportunity for the infrastructure supporting the EVM to also be decentralized, secure, and verifiable.

Holochain Bounty at ETHDen

We’re offering a $16,000 USDC bounty for the development of distributed P2P grant-funding platform built with Holochain apps, Rainlang smart contracts, and deployed on a L2 for claims payouts to incentivize building quality projects while prioritizing stakeholder experience and community governance.

Team & Partners at EthDen

Find us in person at EthDen!

Mary Camacho

Executive Director

Arthur Brock

CTO & Co-founder

Joshua Vial

Holochain App Developer and AI Dev Educator

Matthew Schutte

Business Development

Josh Hardy

Rainlang Co-founder

David Atkinson

Commercial Director

Liz Sweigart

Strategic Advisor

Adam Bumpus

Co-founder Internet of Energy Network (IOEN)

David Meister

Rainlang Co-founder & Holochain core dev

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Feb 29th – Mar 3rd

Booth #114

Regenlandia in the Exhibition Hall

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